Ground Rules

For your safety and others, The Challenger Learning Center asks you to follow these rules when participating in our escape room game:

  • You have 60 minutes to escape from all four rooms. All the clues needed to solve the puzzles are in the rooms; they just need to be uncovered.
  • Be sure to arrive at your scheduled time and allow an extra half hour for briefing and photos!  Late comers are not permitted to join once the experience has begun!
  • Please solve all puzzles by using critical thinking and not by physical power.  This is an intellectual game, so if your idea for solving a particular puzzle or unlocking the lock involves brute force or actions that might put you or your team-mates in danger (such as moving large furniture and etc.) you are definitely on the wrong track! Computers not turned on are not part of the game. Also – nothing is hidden high in any room – no need to be on top of any furniture.
  • Do not move or touch anything with a red dot sticker.  Items marked with a red dot are not part of the game. Please be respectful of these items.
  • During the game you will be asked to open several kinds of locks: combination locks, key locks, directional locks and possible word locks. All clues are somewhere in the room. If you need a demonstration of a lock, please ask before the clock starts ticking.
  • Through walkie-talkies- you are able to ask for help 3 time during the game to have your time officially count.  
  • The rooms are equipped with security cameras and sound to monitor safety and track progress of the participants.
  •  Phones and purses, keys, etc.  will only be a distraction during the game and will not assist you in any way. We ask that you turn off cellular devices and if you bring personal items, Challenger Learning Center is not responsible for them.
  • Please keep our clues, solutions, and combinations to yourself; sharing them will ruin it for future participants and will allow them to beat your time!
  • With your consent, the Challenger Learning Center team will ask to take a couple of pictures of you and your team , after the game and post it along with your time  on our website and Facebook page.
  • We kindly ask you to take care of the rooms and the objects found in there.  If you break anything, you may be asked to leave the room without refund or other compensation.
  • You play the real-life escape game at your own consent and risk; the Challenger Learning Center at WJU will not be held liable.